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After a Day of elevated appetizers, I hope you were able to meet some lovely people and learn a bit more about Niramaya. The coaster saw you received had four icons to help you remember our story and the opportunity in front of us. Please sign up below so we can continue to share our stories & launches with you!

My Pardadi (great-grandmother) lived to be 120 years old eating, cooking, & sharing ancient Indian wisdom rooted in plants, herbs and spices - that inspire our first line of dips.

After immigrating to the US, the stress and dietary changes I went through led to significant health issues, leading me to return to the foods I grew up eating

Niramaya means 'wellness for all' and that health begins at home through the foods that we eat. This is the intention behind all of the foods we make.

Consumers are hungry for global flavors, convenient snacks, and brands with passion, and we are looking for partners to help us reach them

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We are looking for partners and advisors who believe in Niramaya and have the experience and network to help us grow. If you would like to continue the conversation, please send me a note. Thanks!

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