General & Product

We at Niramaya foods are big fans of "dips for dinner". That is, choosing a dip, whether that’s hummus or or our flavorful saag, then eating enough of it until you’re full and not bothering with an elaborate meal. But there is more- with our Dips you can actually make elaborate make in no time by adding veggies, rice or grains/ bread of choice!

The dips are manufactured in a SQF facility in USA.

The dips are packages in glass containers that are 100% recyclable.

The flavors of these dips are inspired by popular homemade recipes from the streets of India.

Nourishment & Ingredients

The nutrition information is available in the description section on all product pages.

We use olive oil while cooking these Dips.

Adaptogens are herbs or parts of plants that are clinically proven to enhance our adaptability to stress.

We primarily use cumin, caraway seeds & turmeric in all of our blends to aid in proper digestion.

Allergen Information

Yes, all dips are vegan & dairy free.

Yes, all dips are gluten free.

Yes, the dips contain tree nuts (cashews)

Orders, fulfillment & returns

We do not accept any returns at this time.

Please email namaste@niramayafoods.com if you have concerns about your order.

Order ships next day and arrived via priority ground shipping.