Dips for Dinner

Masala Tomato Sabji

Warm + Zesty

“Sabji” is simply how I grew up describing a mixture of vegetables and masala (spices). This particular sabji has a thick tomato base that is whipped with beet juice and reishi mushrooms to load this plant-powered dip with a punch of vitamins and nutrients — filling you up and never letting you down.

6 Jars Masala Tomato Sabji



Street Pav Bhaji

Spicy + Buttery

The street food of my childhood was always a bowl of pav bhaji and a soft bread roll. This Pav bhaji that I share with you is a warming blend of spices with sweet potato, cauliflower, and alma — an ancient superfruit full of antioxidents and Vitamin C to provide a long list of natural benefits. Grab a piece of naan flatbread and you can almost hear the streets I grew up in.

6 Jars Street Pav Bhaji



Super Greens Saag

Roasted + Earthy

Getting your greens in has never been so easy — or nutritional. Saag is traditionally a leafy green spinach-based dip, but this one is made extra super by adding three adaptogens: moringa, spirulina, and the wonderful benefits of ashwagandha root. A good source of iron and fiber can be found in this tasty dip. Enjoy!

6 Jars Super Greens Saag



Variety Set - Dip, Spread or Scoop!

Niramaya brings together classic flavors from the streets of India paired with Supergreens, vegetables, adaptogens, and spices for a convenient, well-rounded snack, bite or share. Dip your veggies, spread on breads or scoop into  meal bowls. These dips are ready to eat! 


1 Jar Street Pav Bhaji

1 Jar Masala Tomato Sabji

1 Jar Super Greens Saag


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