Dollop of goodness- Ready to Pair!

These dips are your favorite Indian flavors and my great grandmothers recipes passed down generations who by the way lived a 120 years! You don't have to wait to cook an elaborate Indian meal anymore - use these nutritious dips on your favorite roasted veggies, quick lunch sandwiches, rice/pasta bowls and crunchy salads.

Full Garden of Goodness

Masala Tomato Sabji

Daily Sweet Potato Dish

Street Food Pav Bhaji

Superfood With 'Lil Kick

Super Greens Saag


Plant Protein

Gluten Free

No Added Sugar

No Added Oils

Dairy Free


I'm Mehek

I became a nutrition coach to help people improve their health using the local foods that my mother and grandmother taught me to prepare. And now, I'm sharing them with you! Niramaya is a collection of Indian-inspired dips that provide adaptogens, functional ingredients, and a little hometown flavor to your busy day.

So, I just tried them and I LOVE them!  I was looking at the grocery store for an Indian sauce / paste for a meal I wanted to make and I could not find a clean label anywhere!  So I used yours and I loved it.  Just super simple, shaved beef and broccoli with you dip!

Emily P.


Dip some veggies, bread, or chips

As thick as a hummus, our dips are easy to use as a dip with some carrot sticks, naan bread, or chips. Heat it up, or dip it cold.


Make a quick and healthy snack

Spread some Niramaya on some naan, make a quick sando, or dream up a quick snack that will always fill you up and never let you down. Fine served cold, but even finer if heated.

Create a Meal

Prepare with rice and veggies

Cook up some veggies and add some rice to create a more traditional meal full of nutrients without all of the work.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Niramaya foods are big fans of "dips for dinner". That is,
choosing a dip, whether that’s hummus or or our flavorful saag, then
eating enough of it until you’re full and not bothering with an
elaborate meal. But there is more- with our Dips you can actually make
elaborate make in no time by adding veggies, rice or grains/ bread of

The dips are manufactured in a SQF facility in USA.

The dips are packages in glass containers that are 100% recyclable.

The flavors of these dips are inspired by popular homemade recipes from the streets of India.