Dips for Dinner

Variety Set - Dip, Spread or Scoop!

Niramaya brings together classic flavors from the streets of India paired with Supergreens, vegetables, adaptogens, and spices for a convenient, well-rounded snack, bite or share. Dip your veggies, spread on breads or scoop into  meal bowls. These dips are ready to eat! 

Warm + Zesty

Masala Tomato Sabji

Spicy + Buttery

Street Pav Bhaji

Roasted + Earthy

Super Greens Saag



Per Jar

Plant Based

Nutrient Dense

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

No Added Sugar


I'm Mehek

I became a nutrition coach to help people improve their health using the local foods that my mother and grandmother taught me to prepare. And now, I'm sharing them with you! Niramaya is a collection of Indian-inspired dips that provide adaptogens, functional ingredients, and a little hometown flavor to your busy day.

So, I just tried them and I LOVE them!  I was looking at the grocery store for an Indian sauce / paste for a meal I wanted to make and I could not find a clean label anywhere!  So I used yours and I loved it.  Just super simple, shaved beef and broccoli with you dip!

Emily P.


Dip some veggies, bread, or chips

As thick as a hummus, our dips are easy to use as a dip with some carrot sticks, naan bread, or chips. Heat it up, or dip it cold.


Make a quick and healthy snack

Spread some Niramaya on some naan, make a quick sando, or dream up a quick snack that will always fill you up and never let you down. Fine served cold, but even finer if heated.

Create a Meal

Prepare with rice and veggies

Cook up some veggies and add some rice to create a more traditional meal full of nutrients without all of the work.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Niramaya foods are big fans of "dips for dinner". That is,
choosing a dip, whether that’s hummus or or our flavorful saag, then
eating enough of it until you’re full and not bothering with an
elaborate meal. But there is more- with our Dips you can actually make
elaborate make in no time by adding veggies, rice or grains/ bread of

The dips are manufactured in a SQF facility in USA.

The dips are packages in glass containers that are 100% recyclable.

The flavors of these dips are inspired by popular homemade recipes from the streets of India.